why it matters

The U.S. generates an average of 25 BILLION POUNDS of textiles per year. Textiles include clothing, footwear, accessories, towels, bedding, drapery, etc.


That equates to about 82 POUNDS of textiles per U.S. resident. 

Of that 82 pounds, 15% gets donated or recycled

and 85% goes into our landfills.

That 85% adds up to about 21 BILLION POUNDS of post-consumer textile waste per year. That's more than 5.2% of all municipal waste generated in the United States. 

And this amount keeps growing! Between 1999 and 2017 the volume of post-consumer textile waste has grown by 40%. 

By printing on all reused and recycled clothing, Betel Box is attempting to reduce textile waste in the U.S. and keep great clothing out of our landfills. 


*Statistics sourced from the Council for Textile Recycling and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.*